We try to keep all words and paragraphs, graphical designs, moving images, acoustic relicts, we release to be collected here.


06 - 2020
Seit Jahren beschäftigt sich Time’s Up mit der Vorausahnung und der Nachahmung dessen was in einer nahen Zukunft gewesen sein wird können.

Mind The Map - Video

09 - 2017

Mind The Map has been exhibited at Le lieu unique in Nantes, FR in September and October 2015. Elisa Unger has been with Time's Up to document.

Mind The Map - Leaflets

12 - 2015
Mind the Map has been premiered in September 2015 in Nantes, FR at LLU. First impressions and short introduction on what is about are summarized in the offered material.

Futurish first edition

12 - 2014
After Data Ecologies 2014, a group of participants and some others collected in a small villa near Attersee in order to try and summarise their thoughts on how to "Think out loud about Futures" into

Data Ecologies 2014 - Booklet

06 - 2014
Time's Up invites participants into experimental situations and storyworlds, to explore, to theorise, to work out their own explanations about relationships and coherences and to discuss them.

PARN - Book

04 - 2013
This volume is intended to summarise the experiences of the project-partners FoAM (BE), Blast Theory (UK), Lighthouse (UK) and Time's Up (AT) in the wide range of activities that took place during the

Data Ecologies 2009 - Booklet

09 - 2009
As well as the introduction of the invited speakers this booklet summarizes our approaches and ideas behind the symposium during which we try to find and discuss alternative models of money, exchange

Mayhem Timeline

03 - 2009
We never worked out to define which award will be given to those people who really manage to collect all stamps possible to get.... 

ALKU Compilation

07 - 2003

1    Team Doyobi  + Safety Scissors   -        Untitled          2:00      
2     Errorsmith + Opopop  -      Untitled             2:00     

Anchortronic 5.1 DVD

11 - 2002
Anchortronic is dedicated to experimental electronic music, in particular the process oriented techniques which in their attitude and technique imply and even demand a radical DIY aesthetic.

Newsletter 2-02 - Sensemerging

08 - 2002
2-02 SENSEMERGING # introduction Our interest in perception and cognition and the resulting behaviour of a public individual is clear since the first publicly accessable Time's Up production. Since

Newsletter 1-02 Re/Pre-view

07 - 2002
# introduction Since the time span between this and the last newsletter is a bit long, we thought we would be as descriptive as possible within this release. Projects from the last months, like Tran
closing the loop

Closing the Loop 00 - Paper

02 - 2001

A collection of reports, theoretical discourses and documentation of a series of laboratory projects carried out by Time's Up with the close collaboration of radioqualia and and assortment of proto

Colouring Book

06 - 1999

A different perspective of the industrial harbour in Linz - a point of view from the Time's Up Labs, which includes colouring by numbers as an example

Obsolete CD

02 - 1999
Tracklist 1 Level 1: Elvis Loses 2 Level 2: Keep Going 3 Level 3: Pac The Ball 4 Level 4: Ship 'Til You Drop 5 Level 5: Final Extension A review by aquarius records: I'd be hard press

Sound of Music

08 - 1998
Time`s Up had to deal with the Sound of Music of course. Negativland, People Like Us, Barbed, Muzictourist and Time's Up  are on this Compilation.

Newsletter 3-98 - Bit Rot

06 - 1998
3-98 Bit-Rot # editorial "Survival in a hypercompetitive age" - ein anderes schlagwort aus der Time´s Up ecke und ein bewusstes einsteigen in einen ringkampf für den wir eigentlich nicht spielberech

Newsletter 1-98 - Obsolete

03 - 1998
1-98 OBSOLETE INTRODUCTION Everyone is putting fancy glossy 4C papers out now in order to make themselves feel, well, yes glossy and important.We know we can do that too if we have to, but in this c

Theory of Hypercompetition

03 - 1998

Theory of Hypercompetition Hypercompetition, the Red Queen race of evolutionary biology, where speed cannot be sacrificed for even a moment lest the opponent pull ahead, relativity in its most elem

Hyperfitness - Seasonal Report

01 - 1998
report along collected experiences during the field research phase with the Hyperfitness-Studio in 1997, including the VIA-Festival in Maubeuge, FR, the EXIT-Festival in Paris, FR, the Spiel.Art - Fe