acoustic relicts

i used to know one of them

I used to know one of them

01 - 2021
Als kleinen akustischen Vorgeschmack auf RISE.Turnton 2047 präsentieren wir an dieser Stelle am Samstag 30.01.2021 den Hörspiel-Trailer mit Anna Mendelssohn, Maria Fliri, Ines Schiller, Tom Pohl,

ALKU Compilation

07 - 2003

1    Team Doyobi  + Safety Scissors   -        Untitled          2:00      
2     Errorsmith + Opopop  -      Untitled             2:00     

Sound of Music

08 - 1998
Time`s Up had to deal with the Sound of Music of course. Negativland, People Like Us, Barbed, Muzictourist and Time's Up  are on this Compilation.