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10.03.2016 "How To" - Physical Narrative East Doc Platform - Doc Tank // Austrian Cultural Forum Prague Prague, CZ
07.09.2019 (Media)Stasen im Kunstbiotop Salon Rosa Beige / Galerie 5020 / Residenzplatz 10, 5020 SBG, AT Salzburg, AT
07.11.2008 A temporary city on an imaginary map Kiberpipa Ljubljana, SI
25.07.2010 Aesthetic and mathematical research Pecs, HU
16.05.2013 Are These Berries Mine Pixelache Festival Helsinki, FI
24.10.2003 Becoming Digital Media Center -MaMa Zagreb, HR
25.11.2001 Body Motion - CTRL Space V2 - Institute for unstable media Rotterdam, NL
11.02.2001 BodySPIN - Presentation Transmediale Festival Berlin, DE
27.09.2001 Cellular Automata Automata 01 - Conference Porquerolles, FR
25.09.2019 Change is our only chance AIL - Angewandte Innovation Lab - Franz-Josefs-Kai 3 1010 Wien, Österreich Vienna, AT
24.02.2012 CoC - Talk Fringe Parade / Royal Institute AUS King William Street and the RI at the Old Stock Exchange Adelaide, AU
27.02.2012 CoC - Talk Port Adelaide The Sailing Club, 1 Jenkins St, Birkenhead Port Adelaide, AU
07.06.2012 CoC - Talk Time's Up and Crosstalks Kaaistudios, 81 Rue Notre-Dame du Sommeil, 1000 Brussels Brussels, BE
19.10.2019 Dare Utopia Deutsches Museum // Zentrum für Neue Technologien Munich, DE
07.11.2007 Define your experimental situation Ludwig-Boltzmann Institut Linz, AT