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Futuring Overtures

Malta and Gozo, MT
Venues to be announced
19.11.2016 - 27.11.2016
(All day)

One Step beyond - Step into Futures

We have been invited to organise a program of events for The Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2017 with the support of Arts Council Malta and Valletta 2018. We have developed a process of activities which will build upon one another, investigating the unique perspectives of the islands upon Europe.

As part of the first phase Presents of the Future, we will undertake a series of workshops (Futuring Overtures) throughout the islands of Malta and Gozo. In these workshops, the six themes of the Maltese Presidency will de developed into specific, open questions, responses to these will be collected and relevant trends investigated. These community driven activities will be documented and results of them exhibited in Valletta science museum Esplora.

Please register to take part during of the sessions - either you find the open call for participation in English and Malti or you write an email to workshops (@) and tell us where you want to take part:

  • 19th Nov: Luqa primary school
  • 20th Nov: Munxar parish
  • 26th Nov: Giov Curmi Higher Secondary, Naxxar
  • 27th Nov: Catholic Institute Floriana

We look forward to meeting and working with a large spectrum of Maltese inhabitants, from traditional farmers to recent immigrants, game software developers to firework creators and the members of the ubiquitous band clubs.