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Lucid Peninsula / IMA

Hainburg, AT
Hotel Altes Kloster
26.09.2014 - 28.09.2014

Life in the Lucid Peninsula is interesting and long, but necessarily filled with care and cleanliness.

If Zhuang Zhou was a futurist, might he ask “When I awake from a dream of the future, am I living now, dreaming of then, or am I from then, dreaming of now?”

As long as people have travelled and they will continue to,  a place to rest between legs of the journey, will remain relevant. Lucid Peninsula portrays such a place - a hotel room of someone, stopping on their way from somewhere to somewhere else in a world almost but not quite like ours. In this world, just around a metaphorical corner or two, some conditions are different. Working outside, as an example, leads to the need for cleaning and healing, medical technology helping this process. Resting, sleeping through this process, the capacity to dream is vital, to enjoy, live in, be aware in and share dreams a necessity. Perhaps it takes a few hours, perhaps longer. A long sleep phase leads to a long dream phase. Dreaming is an important part of life, memories of a time when things were different, when things were more like they are now.

Lucid Peninsula is the result of an experimental exploration of scenario planning and building exercises undertaken by FoAM and Time's Up in June 2014. Lucid Peninsula is a part of Future Fabulators, an EU Culture funded collaboration with FoAM (BE), M-ITI (PT) and AltArt (RO), exploring experienceable futures strategies in the cultural sector.

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Lucid Peninsula
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