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Data Ecologies 2009

Brussels, BE
FoAM vzw
Money as an abstraction

Data Ecologies '09 is the fourth in a series that deals with the ways that real and abstracted systems interrelate. 

This year we are looking at money (as an abstraction) and value (as something real). Questions arise such as the use of money, how investments and maintenance of non-money assets work, the way that interest breaks with ideas of real value and the different ways that value can be translated into the abstraction of money. The symposium examines several perspectives, from the formal system science point of view and the ideas around Collapsonomics, investigating economic and state systems at the edge of their normal function, various approaches as to alternative forms of work and payment and the progressive field of complementary currencies.

Dougald Hine, Karl Svozil, Sally J. Goerner, Frithjof Bergmann, Ludwig Schuster
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