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Woher kommt Raum?

Linz, AT
Kepler University Linz / Austria
A secret life in numbers

"Woher kommt Raum?" (Where does Space come from?) was a first implementation of the fictional Dr. Hendryk Kadigan, undertaken at the Kepler University during the Austrian Lange Nacht der Forschung (Long Night of Research).

Presented as a room installation, we invited an audience into Hendryk Kadigan's mathematical laboratory, to share his theories and experiments about the nature of space and time. We transported - simply through the staged, media-enriched room - his motivations, passions and everyday life in addition to his scientific and mathematical research.

Comparable to a theater without actors and actresses, Kadigan's background was (multi-) mediated through the deliberately chosen collection of objects and processes. Every object in the room was seeded: each piece of paper, books, fax-messages and emails arriving steadily, a radioshow, a series of videos, etc. They were all placed to be picked up, looked at, searched through and listened to. The audience was challenged to explore everything, to dive into the room and its contents, cross-mixing the elements to compile the story of Kagigan.

Maria Fliri, Andreas Wolf, Julia Kofler, Stefan Füreder, Maria Weidlinger, Joreg Diessl, Bronnwynn Mertz-Penzinger, Dushan Wijewickrama, Jacqueline Pallien, Monique Alvarez, Alex Davies, Wiltrud Hackl, Anatol Bogendorfer, Alexander Jöchtl, Martin Music, Wohlmuther Luis
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BMUKK, Linz Kultur, Kulturland OÖ, OÖ Landesregierung Direktion Bildung und Gesellschaft
Physical Narration