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Everyday Life in Planet City

Sydney, AU
University of Technology, Sydney
(All day)

Who lives there, what do they do?

The workshop with students of architecture and design at the University of Technology Sydney was designed to deepen their involvement with the Planet City project, an imagination how it might be if the population of the planet were concentrated into one city. Their developments to date were concentrated on the technological and social changes that could entail. In the day long workshop we dived into organisations and roles, characters and tools and the ways in which these would interrelate with everyday life in the imagined future. We started with the students imagining themselves in that world, a small attempt to lose the experiential gap. Results included a short radio play, 3-D posters and comics, reflecting a wide range of imaginations. The results will continue to flow into the work of the group and the resulting exhibition.

“Everyday Life in Planet City” is part of “Curiouser and Curiouser, cried Alice: Rebuilding Janus from Cassandra and Pollyanna (CCA)” - an artbased research project from the Institute for Industrial Design 2 at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and Time's Up. It is supported by the Programme for Arts-based Research (PEEK) from the Austrian Science Fund (FWF): AR561