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Making Things Physical

Release Date: 
05 - 2019
Maja Kuzmanovic, Tina Auer, Nik Gaffney, and Tim Boykett

Experiential Futures & Physical Narratives


In this paper we
present a cross-section of FoAM and Time’s Up’s work with physical
narratives (PNs), which draw upon experiential futures and experience
design. We introduce PNs as explorable, multisensory spaces before
discussing the importance of enabling social interaction. We describe a
series of creative experiments with PNs to illustrate our approach to
futures in an artistic context, including installations, exhibitions and
festivals. The design of the PNs involved a range of futures techniques
(such as scenario development or design fiction) to invite
participatory explorations of the “visionary present”. We do not intend
to provide a critical analysis of the design process, methods or
implications, rather, the article offers a reflection on our motivations
and insights. As an invitation to further dialogue between
transdisciplinary fields, we conclude with a call for futurecrafting at a
human scale.