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20.05.2005 Digital Physics and Emotional Godlets RIXC Media Space Riga, LV
26.09.2006 Extensive multi-scale interactive situations Digital Games Conference Portalegre, PT
16.09.2020 FdR - Katalogpräsentation 2019 Kriegergut Perg, Zeitling 16 Perg, AT
16.01.2008 How do you make your living? Fachhochschule Hagenberg Hagenberg, AT
23.09.2011 Improving Reality - Conference Pavilion Theatre Brighton, UK
28.11.2006 Invited Keynote: Physical or Virtual - it's all real ENGAGE Conference Sydney, AU
10.10.2003 Konstruktion Experimenteller Situationen Mediaspace Festival Stuttgart, DE
10.12.2009 Living with Systems - Introduction Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien, AT
31.01.2009 Luminous Green - Talk Transmediale; Open Space Berlin, DE
23.03.2019 ManöverTage - Initiative Raumschiff Raumschiff, Pfarrplatz 18 4020 Linz, AT Linz, AT
15.12.2001 Mingling of Physical and Virtual Worlds Ether Conferencel - Artrage Festival Perth, AU
27.07.2011 Narrative Space for Math Motivations University of Coimbra Coimbra, Portugal
13.10.2009 Narrative Strategies - Talk InterMedia, University of Oslo Oslo, NO
15.05.2003 New Media Culture RIXC Media Space Riga, LV
04.12.2017 Participatory & Preferable  Zayed University, American University, Office of the Future Dubai, UAE