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Lucid Peninsula

A Lucid Dreaming Storyworld

For two days in June 2014, Time's Up and FoAM took part in an experimental scenario planning exercise. Building upon techniques from business futures, lucid dreaming and improvisational theatre, Maja Kuzmanovic led the group through a process of developing a world. A world that was strangely like ours, yet filled with dreamy metaphors of rolling photocopiers and shape-shifting beings, an eternal twilight and a search for green plants.

The landscape being the borderline between the land and the sea, convoluted and intertwined, we called the scenario the Lucid Peninsula and looked at ways of taking it further.

The implementation of the scenario will involve both partners as well as M-ITI, looking at ways of building glimpses into the generated world. M-ITI are developing a context aware explorable narrative game, allowing players to interact with the dreamscapes of these future protagonists as they dream of what we call our reality.

FoAM are developing a series of guided walks, in which simple instructions and questions send the participant into the city to explore parallels and disjunctions with the Lucid Peninsula scenario. 

Meanwhile Time's Up is developing a temporary sleeping and resting space, a hotel room for a secluded hideaway, as an explorable physical narrative to invite the visitor to explore the atmosphere of this future scenario.

The Lucid Peninsula is an imaginary space, just around to metaphorical corners, expressing many of the doubts, hopes, fears and possibilities that the near future might offer us. Three explorations of this space will offer a glimpse into this world and invite further fabulation from the visitors.

Future Fabulators
Physical Narration
Lucid Peninsula / Cluj
Lucid Peninsula / IMA
Lucid Peninsula / Vienna