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Release Date: 
09 - 2047
Andrea Strasser, Andreas Kump, Andreas Mayrhofer, Astrid Benzer, Barbara Hinterleitner, Bert Estl, Christian Wellmann, Christine Jetschgo, Daniel Steiner, Elke Doppelbauer, Florian Sedmak, Giles Tilling, Harald Purrer, Marc Schrögendorfer, Marion Huber, Matt Davidson, Pete Hindle, Philipp Pamminger, Šárka Zahálková, Sigrid Cakir, Stefan Füreder, Tanja Brandmayr, Theun Borssele, Tim Boykett, Tina Auer, Ushi Reiter
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Pre-factual ideas instead of post-factual news

Even in a possible future there will be newspapers - just one out of many assumptions and propositions we have assembled in our physical narrative Turnton Docklands.

If you are interested in a printed copy - just let us know - there are many of them.

Turnton Docklands
Turnton Docklands Opening