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16.12.2010 Talk at CCAS Gallery, Canberra CCAS Gallery, Gorman House Arts Centre Canberra, Australia
07.06.2012 CoC - Talk Time's Up and Crosstalks Kaaistudios, 81 Rue Notre-Dame du Sommeil, 1000 Brussels Brussels, BE
23.09.2011 Improving Reality - Conference Pavilion Theatre Brighton, UK
31.08.2003 projects, plans and working methods Universität Bremen Bremen, DE
21.09.2001 walking into mirrors CAST01 - Living in Mixed Realities Festival Bonn, DE
31.01.2009 Luminous Green - Talk Transmediale; Open Space Berlin, DE
11.02.2001 BodySPIN - Presentation Transmediale Festival Berlin, DE
24.02.2012 CoC - Talk Fringe Parade / Royal Institute AUS King William Street and the RI at the Old Stock Exchange Adelaide, AU