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Lucid Peninsula / Cluj

AltArt, Cluj RO
03.10.2014 - 09.10.2014

The vitality of dreams

While some are happy at home, others travel, whether by desire or by need. As long as people have travel, a place to rest between legs of the journey will remain relevant. Lucid Peninsula portrays such a place, a room hidden away for someone stopping on their way from somewhere to somewhere else in a world almost but not quite like ours. In this world, just around a metaphorical corner or two, some conditions are different. Working outside, as an example, leads to the need for cleaning and healing, medical technology helping this process. Resting, sleeping through this process, the capacity to dream is vital, to enjoy, live in, be aware in and share dreams a necessity. Perhaps it takes a few hours, perhaps longer. A long sleep phase leads to a long dream phase. Dreaming is an important part of life, memories of a time when things were different, when things were more like they are now.

Future Fabulators
Physical Narration