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Lucid Peninsula / Vienna

Vienna, AT
Hotel Magdas
09.10.2015 - 10.10.2015
(All day)

a futuristic hotel room, welcoming travelers and all sorts of wayfarers

There is another chance to see Lucid Peninsula. This time in Vienna, Austria. Lucid Peninsula is one of our Physical Narratives, sketched, developed and implemented in close cooperation with Madeira Interactive Technology Institute (PT), FoAM (BE) and AltArt (RO) as part of Future Fabulators, an EU-funded project that aims to explore and prototype possible futures within a cultural framework.

Lucid Peninsula is an interactive installation designed to immerse participants, sketched as post-apocalyptic storyworld where changes to the Earth’s atmosphere have led to the emergence of new species, conditions, and ways of life. Fragments of memories and dreams belonging to the inhabitants of the previous era still linger in this new world, hovering over certain locations. A futuristic world, that feels familiar, yet strange: an eternal twilight of dreamlike metaphors and shape-shifting beings. Environmental living conditions have radically changed and the search for green plants has become crucial for survival. The outside air is toxic: not immediately lethal, but requiring special gear and treatment after exposure...

It will be presented as part of Hotel Obscura, a project initiated by Triage (AU), is currently being developed and produced by Triage, Kara Ward productions & Arts House in Australia and Die Fabrikanten (AT), Mezzanine Spectacles (FR) & Ohi Pezoume (GR) in Europe.

This international cooperation project will focus on intercultural and artistic exchanges that investigate live art, experimentation with digital technologies that extend into urban spaces. The project aims to develop rich and long-term artistic collaborations and networks for all partners & cities.

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