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FFab - Coordination Meeting

Linz, AT
Time's Up Laboratories
09.10.2013 - 11.10.2013
(All day)

Future Fabulators officially commences in the harbour of Linz

Of course, several activities as well as the communication and the collaboration for Future Fabulators started much earlier - still - for a proper start of a trans-European project all partners involved could and should see one other, in person, in a non-virtual space!

There is the need to run through the whole agenda of the project once again, to adapt and refine timelines, activities and content. Commitments made during the process of the application need to be agreed upon again and next dates and steps need to be coordinated. MOreover, there are glasses to rise and toasts to be proposed, with hopes and wishes for our mutual (fabulating) future.

In particular we looked into the future of Future Fabulators to imagine where it might go. What will be its legacy? Using the creative techniques for project management purposes was an interesting and useful twist of cross-purposing.

Future Fabulators