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The Windmill was finished within the Luminous Green Workshop and first used to pump water for an outdoor jacuzzi from the harbour. It´s build after adopted plans found at Cd3wd, a website that hosts tons of technical development information, especially designed to help the “3rd world to help itself”.

The original design comes from the University of California and describes a 2 and a 4 diameter multi-vane type windmill, with it´s core-element - the gearing and suspension – made out of carparts.

This is the 2 meter – 16 vane version, with a total height of almost 7 meters. The Windmill powers two pumping systems. The first system is an Archimedes Screw, a pump system that dates back millenia. The water is brought from the harbour up to a small reservoir at ground level. A Rope Pump brings that water up to the second reservoir around 5 meters above ground level.

At the moment the Windmill is used to water a gardening irrigation-system.

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