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Virtual Environments - BodySPIN

Bodyfunctions as trigger for manipulating your virtual environment

INVERTED REALITY SYSTEM (I.R.S.)                                    
User in I.R.S The I.R.S. allows us to deal with the virtual environments in a new way, one that is neither a simple copy or simulation of a future or current (but too expensive to build) real space, nor an "artistically" well painted maze of tunnels and suchlike.

SPIN users find themselves inside a large wireframe sphere with the center of gravity pointing outward (like centrifugal force). Such an environment closes the user into a world that is closed enough to be overseen, large enough to explore.

Inside I.R.S Collisions with colour-coded balls transfer the user away from this central world. Outside the sphere the worlds are created according to the user's preconditions.

It's up to the users to become one with the program and change the course of their worlds and history with their bodily functions.

A series of environments allows the user to obtain the necessary skills to get around in the space, including the space of their own biomechanical capabilities.

Inside Pulse Race Chasing the heart, in a tunnel as it grows, weaving through space.

With every pulse of the user's heart, the end of the tunnel leaps away. The tunnel grows in beats, each section heading off; up and down, left and right. Moving steadily forwards without undue exertion allows the user to catch their heart.

Running as fast as they can, the user will not even stay in place. Beat your heart to catch your pulse.

brainmaze-stress5 When the test person is in a calm bodily state the Brain Maze is rather simple.

One can find the exit by walking around. The person's activities are measured by our BodySpin System: the higher the level of stress rises, the more complex the maze becomes. Thus the fastest way out is probably not to try the most options in the shortest time but to stay in an "alert-but-calm" state of mind. 

breathsurf_deepbreath Virtual Ocean. Whether someone will be able to surf on/in it or not,
depends upon the user's ability to control their breath. There is a
direct dependency between the wave formation and the test person's
breath intensity.

Breathing in deeply and calm, will increase the size of the waves, which leads to an easy surf to the beach. Shallow, short breath keeps the user trapped in the endless ocean.

tube Paper World is a rather unstable construct floating in space. every breath lets the papers wave in the wind making it even more difficult for you to find your way out.
relative Relative world offers you two ways to find your exit. follow the arrows, or follow the architecture.
tube is the straightest of the labyrinths. simply follow the tubes. go fast, the way is long, but not too fast, for the spinning tubes may really make you feel sick when you are out of breath.