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Stored in A Bank Vault

Brighton, UK
Brighton - Digital Festival
22.09.2011 - 30.09.2011

Stored in a Bank Vault @ Brighton Digital Festival

Ever wondered what a bank robbers' lair looks like?
Stored in a Bank Vault gives us a tantalizing glimpse into the lair of bank robbers. Visitors enter a dark cellar; plans are laid out, a story unfolds, and it soon appears that the robbers may still be in the next room ....

Cordoned off – permission to enter? Even to snoop? Who was here? Should I be here? Is someone here? Where did they go? What were they doing? Will they return? What do they want? Just follow the lines? Just follow the plan? What is it at the end of the tunnel? Is it just about the money? Is it about money at all?
What is stored in a bank vault?
Time’s Up’s latest physical narrative Stored in a Bank Vault explores the tools and motivations of bank heists, secret tunnels, ancient cultures, magical powers and the interconnectedness of the global financial system with everything else.

* Dates: 23 September – 30 September 2011 // Times: 12pm – 6pm

* Preview: 22 September, 6-8pm.
Grey Area, Lower Ground Floor, 31 Queens Road, Brighton, BN13XA

Meet at Lighthouse for mystery tours

Stored in a Bank Vault is part of PARN (Physical and Alternate Reality Narratives) – a pan-European project, developed by FoAM, Lighthouse, Blast Theory and Time’s Up.

Stored in a Bank Vault has been supported by the Culture Programme (2007 – 2013) of the European Union, Arts Council England, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture, Culture Linz AT and OOE Kultur.

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