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Mood Swings

A small playground for adults

Children's playgrounds are familiar to the majority of society. For most of us, playing is as such an embodiment of effortlessness and freedom. How often have we wished to regain the lightness of childhood? The MoodSwings, a sub-installation within the Sensory Circus, attempt to accommodate this wish. They also deal with one of the main themes of Sensory Circus, specifically the human capacity for holding and understanding a balance, including its irritation. Observing and using playgrounds has confirmed that this theme is essential for much of the equipment found there.

Components of the Moodswings are: Compendulum, the Beat Cycle, the See Saw and the Movi(e)ng Disk

The replica of various pieces of playground equipment that we aspire to is by no means intended to be solely a copy. What is initially important is the principle recognition of the equipment, which raises the probability that the audience will know how to operate these instruments.

This would fulfill two characteristics that are important for Time's Up productions:

A) for the comprehensive functionality of the interfaces (playground equipment), visitors need to use their whole bodies;

B) the high degree of recognition for the playground equipment ensures easily comprehensible access, in other words optimum use on the part of the public.

Naturally, it is the operability that is crucial for the adapted replicas of gymnastic apparatuses. In addition, however, using them should also have an effect on the surrounding environment or the space. This means that as soon as a user uses one of the apparatuses, this should have a recognizable effect for everyone present in the installation. The basic idea of this interplay is one that is very close to everyday reality. Regardless of the type and intensity of the respective interaction, it results in influencing the surroundings. The fact that resultant changes in the surroundings may also lead to an adaptation of one's own previously planned subsequent steps is also familiar from everyday life.

The specific play apparatuses that can be seen are swings and seesaws in different variations and rotating platforms or carousels. Consequences triggered by use should be, for example, influencing or generating acoustic musical landscapes. The light situation in the MoodSwings area should change according to the activity and type of use. However, projected image material (primarily real-time cameras) should also change according to the efforts on the part of the audience. An additional focal point will be the collective use of the apparatus, whether through the shared use of an input device or the cooperative manipulation of the surroundings.


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