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Lightning District

An acoustic carpet, formed by the various paths of the public, induces an audio stroll and distracts from goal-oriented striding.

The Lightning District works well in highly frequented zones, e.g. in passages. The visitors step on it unconsciously. After some seconds they recognize the acoustic and visual reactions to their movement. They reduce their speed, the grid tempts to jump from field to field. 
Observed interactions with the virtual environment: jumping, running, standing, talking, crouching, dancing (experimental to classic) and some kids were caught conjuring. 

Contactless interfaces to artificial spaces allow a simple and intuitive interaction. There are no barriers in terms of mechanical aparatii or sensors. The body and its motions become the triggering moment. 
The Lightning District closes the test person into an acoustic and visual field and thus makes them a part of it. Physical and virtual environments melt into one another.

Sensory Circus
Lightning District 07-03
Sensory Circus 05-2005
Sensory Circus 09-2004
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