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Dextro & Martijn Tellinga + DJ Dicer

Kick-Off Date: 
09 - 2006

Dextro & Martijn Tellinga worked on 'Protocol I' at the Harbourside Labs

Presentation of Protocol I with Dextro & Martijn Tellinga, + DJ Dicer

Over the past months, Dextro and Martijn Tellinga have been developing an audio-visual collabration based on the composition ‘Protocol I’ that Tellinga wrote earlier this year.
Departing at the algorithmic procedures that are the backbone of the soundpiece, the two have been thinking about the transformation of this formal framework into image.

During their residency at Time’s Up, they have combined their efforts, resulting in an integrated work of sounding imagery and imagenative sound. Tonight they will present their results at Time’s Up.To deal with the problem of personal space and artistic identity within the context of formalized computer-procedures applied in electronic music, Tellinga thought of ways to navigate the area in between the automated process and the intuitive choice, trying to prevent to work merely in the extent of technological possibilities. The result was a system that put an algorithmically derived parameter opposite to every other, that defined his ‘personal deviation’ of the value defined by that same parameter. I.e. an automated system that included a function to overrule its own outcome. Dextro has interpreted and applied these ideas into the visual, to come to a result that shares the same form but somehow speaks a different language...

Dj Dicer ~ Markus Decker
since 1998 operator of the netgroup firstfloor electronix (linz/wien/muenchen/london/vancouver), producing netcasts, and free experiments with audio, since a while, working in several collaboarative situations on experimental media.