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Closing The Loop 00

Adelaide, AU;
Old Flour Mill
15.01.2000 - 15.02.2000

A laboratory on sound & gameplay across networks

A project to take place in Adelaide in association with the Adelaide Festival, as a part of the Biomachines project.

The main thread of this is the theory and practice of collaborative network radio usage. The project will involve the development of some tools for the effective collaborative use of distributed audio networks and the training of local (e.g. SA) practitioners in their usage. The end results of the project will include an introductory Net-Radio-HOWTO document and some tools for net radio environments.

The parties actively involved in this project are Radioqualia, an Australian based network radio and sound group and Time's Up, an Austrian group working with appropriate technology, science and various old and new medias.

The main organisational partner is the Biomachines project, a performance and installation project that is taking place as a part of the Adelaide Festival 2000. It is planned that the results of this project will find application in the Biomachines events as a medium to be used for the project.

The project will take place from mid January until mid February, incorporating one or more public performances as well as several public or semi-public experiments. This project allies closely with the CTL98 project organised by Time's Up in Linz, Austria in 1998. As such it is planned to use public experiments as an avenue of access to the public, as was then done. Most important is the laboratory style documentation of these public experiments so as to make the insights from them available to the wider community.

Closing the Loop 2000 is a project aimed at investigating the effectiveness of techniques for net based collaboration. The Loop involved is that between two or more active participants, their vectors of transmission aimed at one another, the loop involved leading to a collaborative process.
Many techniques have been found to be appropriate in previous investigations. CTL2000 has amongst its goals the appraisal of such techniques and the collection of these experiences into a coherent form; in some sense a "Net Collaboration HOWTO."

Issues at stake here address the problems that are common to the network collaborations possible outside large corporate or governmental structures. How can significant collaboration be achieved without massive investment in up to the minute hardware, software and connectivity? What tools are readily available for experiments? How can technological hurdles be smoothed without reducing the collaborator to a mere "user?"

Radioqualia, Biomachines Festival, Gareth Barnes, Carol Biddiss, Elendil, Nik Gaffney, Jesse Gilbert, Joachim Gossmann, Honor Hagar, Adam Hyde, Jeremy Hicks, Jayme, Thomas Maier, David Moises, Sarah Neville, Stephen (Pix) Pickles, Martin Riddoch, Sean Rooney, DJ Roy, Anthony Scott, Martin Thompson, DJ Townbike, Luis Wohlmuther, Berthold Zettelmaier
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