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PIR - Mara Dionisio

Kick-Off Date: 
05 - 2014

Location Based Media meets Physical Narratives

Mara Dionisio, a researcher at M-ITI (Madeira Interactive Technology Institute) spends a whole month with us. M-ITI one of our partners along Future Fabulators is deeply involved in location based narrative experience, where physical objects play-out an important role in the experience of delivering the story. Mara, together with Valentina Nisi and Julian Hanna, is responsible for the story-world and its building of the "Laura Silva - story", one of the scenarios implemented during Future Fabulators.

During the residency Mara seeks to gain more insights on Physical Narration as one of the areas we are interested and involved in - in order to apply them to the work being developed at M-ITI.

Moreover during the time in Linz she is exploring different interaction between prototyping hardware and multimedia content. In specific she works in integrating Arduinos, RFID readers and sensors together with Android devices in order to trigger multimedia content, relevant for both narrative strategies Time's Up and M-ITI use to engage an audience.

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