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Changing Weather

Changing Weather - a future to come

ATOL, one of our partners along the project The Resilients (lead by FoAM) approached us with a highly interesting idea about a joint project for the following years to be applied at the Culture Programme of the European Union.

Under the working title of "Changing Weather" the project will network responses to geophysical, geopolitical and technological shifts across Europe. CW would be focused on the exploration of migration of people, capital, ideas and on the insight into the merging of high and low culture art and science and the rise of the structured DIY movements and exploration of their historical and cultural origins.

We definitely can see ourselves contributing in the projects realm. We would look into and try to understand contemporary practices of nomadic, migratory and traveling life. We plan to develop and carry out our research as  - what we call - a “transiency”, a residency in motion. In these practices we aim to amalgamate knowledge and ideas, experiences and dreams, from those who live (either freely chosen or forced into) contemporary nomadic lives as reactions to “climatic change”, whether economic, social, political or otherwise.

We plan to collect some of the stories, techniques, tricks and narratives that make these lives active and actual, that keep these people in contact and secure. The collection we aim at will be distilled into a “Physical Narrative”, an explorable space that represents elements of the contemporary nomad’s life and lifestyle, whether it be a migrant searching for safety, a worker moving from crop to crop, a scientist supporting oil platforms or a manager evading responsibilities and losses.

We will cross our fingers for having a chance to realize Changing Weather - again together with an interesting collection of European-wide partner organizations.