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CTL98 - Experiment foci and reports

These are the people who will either be joining us in our harbourside mansion to lead out their proposed experiments or will be visited by members of our Research Department in the comfort of their own homes:

John Duncan NL/ITA
Experiment Series 5/17-18
Main focus: Investigating sounds to induce certain emotional brainstates
detailed Reports

Nicolas Baginsky DE
Experiment Series 6/2-10
Main focus: Investigating biomechanical reactions in perceptional feedback environments
detailed Reports

Yuri A
Experiment Series 7/13-18
main focus: teleperception - remote control
detailed Reports

Marnix de Nijs NL
Experiment phase 7/20-26
Main focus: Video and circular movement, cross correlations with sound
detailed Reports

Leo Schatzl/Rosa van Suess A
Experiment phase: August 3 - 9.
Main focus: "Stroboscopes, vibration and visual Perception"
detailed Reports

Triclops International AUS
Experiment phase: August 18 - 25
Main focus: "Theory for bio-mechanical control of air cushioned vehicle"
detailed Reports

Karthik Swaminathan USA

Prema Murthy USA
Experiment phase:: August 23 - 27.
Main focus: "Does visual entertainment have an effect on the physical body?"
detailed Reports